VINI GLOBAL is the story of an inspiration, a story of hard work, patience, dedication, commitment and a common goal achievement, which makes VINI GLOBAL as one of the fastest growing company among the competitors.


​VINI GLOBAL was founded in 2006 with the incorporation of its first company VINI Global Travels & Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. in India New Delhi along with its first representative office in Beijing China as Beijing VINI Travels & Consultancy Services Co. Ltd. for catering to the growing service industry between this two biggest developing countries .In 8 years VINI Group from a service provider company has become a group of companies and all its subsidiary coming under the direct management of VINI Global Group. VINI GLOBAL activities span Inbound & Outbound Travel, Import & Export, International Procurement, Power Industry Equipment, Infrastructure , Hospitality ,Cosmetics manufacturing and many more sectors will add up as an expansion plan in coming future.

Vivek Prabhakar
Founder and Director

​A JNU Grad and Masters from India Jawaharlal Nehru University ,Vivek is involved right from the begining and has seen the growth of company from a small company to group companies with 5 sucessful brands under VINI Global.Vivek is the soul driving force of the company and always comes with innovative customer centric ideas.

Nisha Guo 
Co-Founder & GM 

Nisha Guo Co-Founder  & GM of VINI Global has an experience of more than 12 years in Marketing & sales with experience of working in CCTV China before becoming an integral part of VINI Global.Nisha Guo took VINI Travels China to the second biggest bound operator in China for India in just a period of 10 years.Nisha is also the founder of Ennica & Tianzhu Lianxiang.